• What are the benefits of participating/How can I benefit from participating in CECJ international programs?
    You can find answers to this question by browsing various sections of our website. In short, you will gain access to practical information, expand your professional network, and establish cooperation with foreign lawyers in order to work together with international clients in your country.
  • Does the registration fee include accommodation, flights, transfers, or meals?
    No. Participants pay for their own accommodation, meals, flights, transfers, health insurance, and other expenses. Participants are also solely responsible for any flight cancellations or third-party fees if the program is postponed due to force majeure conditions.
  • What is included in the registration fee?
    An international program registration fee covers event preparation and organization, venue and equipment rental, translation and interpretation services, development of working materials, as well as travel, IT, advertising, and marketing expenses. Given the complete absence of any additional funding (membership fees, grants, government support, or sponsorships), program registration fees are the organizer’s only source of income and also pay for salaries, social contributions, taxes, insurance premiums, and legal and accounting services.
  • Do you offer any grants to participate in your programs? Do you have special discounts for students, seniors, human rights activists, or other special categories?
    We are a French commercial company and are not able to offer grants or discounts for special categories of people (other than general discounts for all participants pursuant to the terms and conditions in the relevant section of our website at the time of enrollment in a program).
  • Do I receive a certificate if I participate in an international program? If so, can I use it for continuing education?
    At the end of each international program, participants receive a Certificate of International Attendance. The certificate will be emailed to the address you provided during registration and will include detailed information on the number of hours, topics, locations, and dates of the event. You may submit the certificate as proof of continuing education, but it is up to your bar association to determine whether the hours will count towards your CE requirement.
  • I would like to advertise my company at your event and/or pay to be a speaker. Is it possible?
    No, we do not offer paid advertising options at our events because we guarantee that our content will be educational rather than promotional. In this way we are able to ensure impartiality, equal rights for all speakers, and equal opportunities for all participants during lectures, workshops, and CECJ Speed Legal Networking.
  • I am only interested in one specific topic of the event. Can I get a reduced rate to participate in the program?
    No, the program price is the standard registration fee regardless of your professional preferences.
  • What is the registration and payment process? What documents will I get from the Organizer?
    To participate in our programs, all you need to do is fill out an application form for the program you’re interested in on our website. When we receive your application, we will email you a Participant Agreement. After you sign and return the Participant Agreement, we will send you an invoice. You can pay the invoice either by bank card using the link we provide or by bank transfer. Please note this is an international bank transfer to France that will require you to pay a bank fee. Upon receiving payment, we will send you a Confirmation of Participation.
  • Can you help connect me with a fellow attendee to share a hotel room and/or arrange a joint ride from the airport?
    Yes, we are able to help with such individual requests. However, the organizer shall not be held responsible for any situations or consequences which may arise out of shared travel or accommodation.
  • I do not want to be photographed or filmed at the event.
    There is photography and videotaping in the international event hall. We cannot control and ensure that specific individuals in the room are not filmed. Photography and video recording will occur at the international event venue. We are unable to control or guarantee that specific individuals are not filmed.
  • Does the organizer guarantee I will meet potential clients from other countries as part of CECJ Speed Legal Networking?
    The CECJ Speed Legal Networking format involves well-structured introduction and communication among attorneys from different countries. Each participant introduces themselves and presents their services. They share their competencies in various areas of law and clearly state their professional interests. Whether there is interest in your services to assist with foreign clients’ matters in your country depends on many factors and cannot be guaranteed by the organizer. Organizer’s sole responsibility is to create an international platform that allows you to establish professional contacts with the use of various print and interactive components.
  • Can you recommend a specific hotel in the program city?
    Yes, for most our PRE-/POST pandemic events we recommend a specific hotel that offers special rates to our participants.
  • Does the special rate at the recommended hotel apply to my travel companions?
    Yes, each participant can book a room at the special rate for themselves and their travel companions.
  • What do I do in case of an emergency or force majeure situation after my arrival (an accident, border closures, loss of documents, health issues)?
    If you lose your documents or in the case of any other emergency, you should contact the consulate of your country or the local police department. You may need to use the services of an interpreter in the local language. Each participant is solely responsible for having travel, health, and accident insurance during the event.
  • Can my travel companion who has no interest in the topic of the event attend the event?
  • Can I meet other participants before the event?
    Several days before the event we create a WhatsApp group for the participants. All members of the group will see each other’s direct contact information, receive updates and other information from the event and can set up meetings, lunches, dinners, or other activities together.
  • What do I need to have with me during the event?
    Depending on the venue, you should always bring your passport (to verify registration on site), a vaccination certificate or a valid negative PCR test (digital proof is usually sufficient), and a mobile device or laptop with headphones (to be able to make use of the simultaneous translation of some presentations).